What To Look For In A Real Estate Coach?

Real estate coaching is no child’s play. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment to serve. An effective real estate coach can help investors identify and address problems, coupled with achieving their financial and personal goals.

Not all coaches are the same though, and a majority of real estate investors have no idea what to look for in a real estate coach. The following is a list of skills and qualities that you need to consider when selecting a real estate coach:


Does your coach hold a qualification that gives them coaching expertise? Have they acquired specialized training?


How long have they been coaching for? A great real estate coach is a specialized professional, who has a proven track record in your particular area of interest. They have been a part of the business for a while. Fortune Builders’ real estate coaching program ‘Mastery’ provides investors access to coaches who have thousands of real estate deals of experience.

Leadership Skills

A successful real estate coach must possess strong leadership qualities. They should be able to guide and motivate you through thick and thin, and hold you accountable to your goals.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are key to great real estate coaching. A good coach has robust communication skills to instruct their students and inspire confidence in them, as well as deal with clients, partners, other stakeholders.


Select a coach who will teach you pragmatic ways to achieve your goals. They won’t just instruct you, they will show you how to achieve what is required.


A versatile coach will always stand out from the rest – Someone who is constantly upgrading their education and teaching techniques in order to make their clients deliver.


Real estate coaching is a long-term engagement. Therefore, you need a coach who has the ability to connect with you on professional and personal terms, and inspire you to fulfill your dreams. A good real estate coach understands their clients’ needs and problems, and works with them to formulate functional strategies to tackle these issues. Similarly, a good coach will understand where their investors stand presently and where they want to be in a certain time period.

Both the client and the coach, therefore, have to work as a single unit to accomplish the client’s short and long-term goals.


You may not love your coach, but it crucial for you to have similar business values and beliefs as them.

Choosing the right real estate coach or coaching program is a major decision that is likely to have a significant impact on your business. Since a one-size-fits-all approach does not work here, make sure you assess what you exactly want in a coach. Thereafter, conduct a thorough research on the coaching programs you are interested in joining. Always remember to trust your gut!

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