The Value of Support

Real estate coaching is no easy business, particularly when experienced investors require coaching. With the expansion of their business, experienced real estate investors face numerous challenges. They are constantly in need of support and guidance to tackle these challenges. Who better to help them than a real estate coach who is available 24/7 at their service?

There are hundreds of real estate coaching programs that promise to provide value to investors and make a difference in their lives. But only a handful of them deliver on their promises. One such firm is Fortune Builders, whose coaching program The Mastery is designed to give investors access to the best real estate coaches at any time they want.

Apart from having a reliable mentor, many coaching firms have developed a one-on-one coaching system to help their students in times of need. Here are a few of them:

On-Demand Coaching

On-demand coaching provides support anytime rather than on a predetermined appointment. Due to the complex nature of real estate business, investors are likely to face problems 24/7. An on-demand coaching system will help investors keep their business running by providing access to an expert coach anytime they want.

Email Support

Email and phone support is critical to help investors meet their most urgent needs and queries. Investors can conveniently use their unique email address, given by the coaching school, to ask a specific question in full confidentiality.


Deal Submission

Investors can submit an analysis of their deals to their coaches for guidance. The coach will be responsible review the numbers with them, so that they make the right offer. A wrong deal could potentially cost investors tens of thousands of dollars.

Customized Business Plan

Since investors have diverse niches, several coaching programs offer a customized business plan to cater to their distinctive needs. A customized business plan offers investors exactly what they want. Every business is unique and with the right customized business plan, investors can watch their returns surge in a short amount of time.

Emergency Phone Hotline

Investors can use a coaching program’s emergency phone hotline to get access to a coach on an urgent basis, anytime they want.

Business Review

In order to gain a detailed insight into their business operations, coaches have a one-on-one session with investors. A coach will monitor investors’ projects and progress. Such evaluation sessions are usually held every 1 to 2 weeks to guide real estate investors to tackle major issues.

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